XLink welcomes Hymie Marnewick in his role of Managing Director

XLink welcomes Hymie Marnewick in his role of Managing Director

XLink is pleased to announce the appointment of Hymie Marnewick as the XLink Managing Director, effective from 1 December 2018.

Marnewick has been part of the XLink business since inception, and was previously an Executive Director and the Chief Commercial Officer of the business. He also served on the XLink Board for more than twelve years.

Marnewick holds over twenty years’ experience within the IT and retail environment, including six years’ experience developing IoT related products and services. With his strong commercial and management skills, he specialises in providing managed solutions within the IoT & ICT sectors.

“I look forward to being back in the XLink business and working within the Financial and Retail environments. Utilizing the strong foundation which XLink has created within the mentioned markets, I believe we can continue to build out on our current market leading products and services,” says Marnewick.

His passion for entrepreneurial activities and an innovative drive coupled with a distinct flair for leadership and business development will continue to propel the XLink business forward.

XLink welcomes Hymie, and wishes him every success in his new role.

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