XLink simplifies the complexity of managing and preserving your security & data integrity.

Technology systems of the past resembled castles. Their high walls and deep moats kept most attackers at bay and made it obvious when someone was trying to get through. Today this thinking still persists – but it’s to the benefit of the criminals trying to breach the company.

In the past decade, how we use technology has changed tremendously. Employees no longer just sit at a specific desktop and do their work. They can access services via their phones and tablets. They can access company files from home or at a coffee shop. They can collaborate through shared documents with each other.

What this means is that a lot of company data and credentials are out there in the wild. All it takes for a criminal is to fool an employee into handing over their access details or unintentionally install bad software on their machine. Doing so can be scarily easy: just look at ransomware attacks. These are rather unsophisticated applications that are smuggled onto a company network through employee negligence, which then encrypt important files and demand a ransom for them. It can happen in seconds.

One way to avoid this is to stop all those sharing and remote-access activities. But then you will be removing one of the biggest benefits of modern technology, which allows businesses to operate at new levels of speed, flexibility and productivity. Instead, every business should take cyber security seriously. Yet this is a big ask…

There are several things that must happen to be effective against outside intruders:

  • Employee’s should be trained and aware of the threats.
  • Companies should audit their assets and understand what could be in the crosshairs of cybercriminals.
  • There should be an appreciation of the specific risk a business faces, the state of its security and its readiness to respond to an attack.
  • The security aspect should also be well-resourced and enacted as part of the business strategy.

Easier said than done! Cybersecurity is simply not a core competency of most companies. But the good news is that you don’t have to be a security expert or even employ an army of security boffins to keep the bad guys away. Through managed services, you can stipulate the service levels required and place the responsibility onto a service provider.

XLink has a successful pedigree in deploying and supporting services for the financial sector. This includes robust and active investments in security because our customers’ stature makes them targets for criminals. We have developed a comprehensive approach to security, packaged into our Unified Threat Management offering.

We audit your environment, build a solution that fits your business needs, then implement and support it. Since security is a core competency at XLink, we continually invest in people, skills and applications that reinforce better security. In addition to that, we see our managed services as a partnership: no box dropping – we walk the road with our clients through audits, strategy, implementation and beyond.

The connected world creates many advantages and opportunities for progressive businesses. But security is a real threat that can derail all of that, mainly because it is hard to effectively respond to such a broad risk. XLink’s Unified Threat Management services provides everything needed to keep your business safe and secure without having to apply the brakes to progress.



XLink was established in 2004 to become a leading provider in providing agility, resilience and best practice in connectivity for the retail and payment sectors. With this expertise, XLink’s capabilities cultivated a competency of building a better world through technology, connectivity, partners and people, to provide businesses with connectivity, machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions that will scale as they need them and that are aligned to their strategies. With our partner Vodacom we provide market-leading IT solutions utilising the latest innovations and trends in information technology for the benefit of our customers.

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