XLink simplifies the complexity of managing a connected business

XLink simplifies the complexity of managing a connected business

Today’s world runs on devices. From the card machines to marketing kiosks to self-service terminals onto a massive list of touchpoints, society thrives because it can access many services through the push of a button. Professional workers across the globe use task-specific devices to get their work done. As connectivity spreads and computers become cheaper and smaller, their combination is explosive chemistry for devices.

Yet while the device itself does the important work, it cannot exist without a solid operational network that tends to its every need. Installation, inspection, maintenance and replacement are critical roles ensuring a device continues delivering service. They are carried by the combination of three operations: call-centres, logistics and field support services.

Something goes wrong. The device no longer works. A customer will then attempt to contact the manufacturer via 1st line support such as a call centre. This is then coordinated between a technician and a supply chain, whichever meets the problem more appropriately. Together they create a triangle of balance that represents the support network.

This is though often beyond the scope of the original device itself. It’s not a core function of the business, but an operational necessity if the device has any chance of major success. Building that network is distracting and expensive. Yet not investing in such a network is a business-limiting action.

So just outsource it.

This is not a trivial decision. Even though the support network is not part of the core business, it is vital for the success of the core. It is also complicated and represents the touchpoint with customers. Outsourcing this is not like outsourcing other operations. If something goes wrong with the support, it can bring everything down with it.

But outsourcing is not a trivial suggestion either. XLink has developed a solid network that includes all three those operations in one system. Call centres are trained to manage communications with customers in the field, coordinated with a national network of field technicians and supply logistics. It’s a service honed from XLink’s own management of its devices, since 2004, and subsequently those of numerous clients including major financial institutions. As its capacity has grown and processes were streamlined, it has begun to offer increased capacity and automation, coupled with long-term cost-effectiveness and security, to any scale of business.

The different components can work together or individually fill the gaps in a support and supply chain. Backed by XLink’s technical departments and partner network, it accommodates a wide range of support and deployment options, even in the fast-growing IoT market.

Devices are opening doors in the world through innovation. The right operations ensure they keep on delivering. But don’t make that your headache.

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XLink was established in 2004 to become a leading provider in providing agility, resilience and best practice in connectivity for the retail and payment sectors. With this expertise, XLink’s capabilities cultivated a competency of building a better world through technology, connectivity, partners and people, to provide businesses with connectivity, machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions that will scale as they need them and that are aligned to their strategies. With our partner Vodacom we provide market-leading IT solutions utilising the latest innovations and trends in information technology for the benefit of our customers.

For more information call 011 438 3000; e-mail angelot@xlink.co.za or visit  www.xlink.co.za

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