XLink Fixed Line Internet Services

We live in a connected world. South Africans spend an average of 8 hours online every day, at home and work. Modern companies are often even more connected to access the various services they need and provide. From fielding client queries to communicating with suppliers and accessing online business services, a business can often stand or fall depending on its internet connection. This need has become even more acute as employees work from home, and their employers look for the most cost-effective yet reliable means to bring them online.

Yet not every company or employee has the luxury of accessing nearby fibre networks. They might be far away from such a network, or they could be a temporary business premise such as a construction site or popup store. The market offers wireless internet products, including mobile broadband, but these products can often be expensive, unreliable and lack the support a business expects.

Seeing the shortfall, particularly among SMEs, XLink has developed a unique range of fixed-line services which include LTE, Wireless and Fibre, all depending on what your business requirements are.  These services bring the best of broadband internet to your premises, without the hidden costs, opaque service levels and haphazard support. XLink’s Fixed LTE comes through a router-modem that is easy to unpack and activate, getting you up and running fast if you are outside of a fibre area. If you are in a fibre area, an easy switch-over is a step away. Our routers lock into the nearest tower and, being fixed location devices, they deliver continued and fast internet. If there are issues, XLink’s call centre and nationwide support footprint are ready to step in and help.

XLink’s Fixed-Line services also make it easier and more affordable to own and manage such a connection. Costs are set through fixed contracts, and more data can be added as a top-up on the LTE option. Our Fixed-Line services are scalable with the various options available to suit everyone from businesses to employees, large or small.

This solution didn’t appear out of thin air. XLink has been providing secure payment connectivity services to South Africa’s major banks and retail industry for 16 years. Seeing how businesses often struggle with reliable internet, we developed our wide range of Fixed-Line services to tick all the boxes: easy deployment, transparent costs, visible management, business-grade features, and 24/7/365 reliable support service.

If you need an internet connection for your business or employees, XLink’s Fixed Line services are the perfect, tailored and scaled solution for your business. Let XLink take care of your internet, so you remain connected, always.

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