Get back to business with Thermal Imaging

Get a Thermal Imaging Solution today, that wont break your budget!

Hellothing’s contactless, connected infrared thermal screening solution detects in real-time the temperature of each visitor as he or she passes through an entrance. All measured values are sent to a connected cloud platform and alert notifications are forwarded to store managers. The platform keeps an accurate history log of all temperature scans, has dashboard views and can serve as proof of compliance.

This solution is scalable and suits the requirements and budget for businesses of any size. It offers improved safety, is non-invasive and provides real-time fever detection with immediate notifications to help mitigate the potential outbreak of COVID-19 within a public space and enable businesses to protect their employees and customers. With retail slowly starting to come back, it is inevitable that crowding may be tricky to manage. It is therefore essential to maintain safe social distances and avoid crowding or bottlenecks at entrances and exits.

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