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Connectivity For SOHO Businesses

If you have a small office/home office businesses with up to 2 employees, you’re in the right place. We understand your needs as a home office or shop owner, and have tailored solutions for you that will benefit you and your business.


Grow your business with our efficient, cost-effective, tailored, secure and managed POS payment solutions for SOHO business owners.

POS Payments

XLink leads the market in providing efficient, cost-effective, tailored, secure and managed payment solutions to help you grow as a SOHO business.

XLink’s Mobile POS Solutions include our SIM Connectivity Solution and our Transaction Monitoring Solution.

SIM Connectivity for Mobile POS
Gives you access to SIM and data management across a private APN, putting telemetry products at your fingertips that let you access XLink’s back-end portal SIM card, allowing you to connect your Mobile POS device from your bank. This enables remote payments so you can take your POS device with you when you visit a customer.

Transaction Monitoring Solution
Allows you to remotely monitor transaction processing and the performance of your XLink devices.

We have a range of GSM-enabled POS Connectivity Solutions including modems, Transaction Monitoring, maintenance cover and replacement cover.

Our entry level modem is the MiniLink which gives you payment transaction abilities via EDGE connectivity, dual SIM and 2 serial ports.

Transaction Monitoring
Transaction Monitoring allows you to remotely monitor transaction processing and the performance of your XLink devices. This lets you monitor communication signal strength, view your unit’s transaction history and self-service your unit via remote device and service management.

Maintenance Cover
For your peace of mind, we provide on-site support for your XLink Communicators at a low fixed monthly cost giving you accelerated on-site response, replacement of faulty devices, coverage and capacity reporting and no additional labour or call-out charges.

Replacement Cover
To protect you against theft or damage of your XLink Communicator and/or SIM card, our replacement plan provides full replacement cover.

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