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Maintaining mission-critical power supply means being 100% sure that your generators are fuelled and ready to power up 24/7/365. Getting smart with our diesel monitoring solution means you will have mobile access to real-time information that is collected through smart sensors installed in your diesel generator.

Manual monitoring of diesel levels, checking diesel quality and generator run time is time-consuming and inaccurate. With Smart Diesel Monitoring, you will be able to verify diesel delivery, protect it from theft, get alerts when diesel is low or of poor quality, if there is an environmental threat from spillage and even know when the generator has powered up when you are away from the premises.

"Our business has 68,000 retailers nationwide who rely on us to keep them trading, and to do that we need to keep our business services and team powered during local outages, with absolutely no room for error, so we got smart and now we can monitor and manage our local diesel generators proactively and remotely, with accurate information." – Dominic Smit, CTO

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• Is it important to manage the risk of mission-critical power supply for services or infrastructure in your business?
• Do you use primary or back-up diesel generators in a fixed location to ensure your power supply?
• Do you have diesel tanks in remote locations which you are managing manually?
• Do you need a consolidated view of your diesel generator usage and fuel levels across a number of locations?

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