SIM Manager – Providing cost-effective visibility for remote working

We understand that the new way of working has forced businesses to digitalise its operations overnight. That comes with risk, but it also presents an opportunity. Managing this is key to remaining successful.

SIM cards are the unspoken partners in our businesses. They create connections around ecosystems that previously were not possible. The change to remote working due to COVID-19 has introduced a significant increase in data usage for most companies and with this becoming the norm, it is getting more difficult to monitor your SIM estate and manage your costs. In the unprecedented circumstance we find ourselves in, we understand that the impacts and responses needed to combat this will be in demand for the foreseeable future and we are here to help you stay ahead of the curve, in a cost-effective way to ensure your business is containing costs as far as possible.

We want to make sure you are making every cent count over these trying times and we have a simple solution to remove the complexity and empower you with insights into the utilization of your mobile resources, across all mobile networks in one single platform.

SIM Manager gives every business unique control over their sim estate. Be it for a small outfit or a large enterprise, managing a handful of employee phones or a vast network of IoT/M2M devices, our SIM Manager scales and orientates to fit all your sim-management demands. Even complicated landscapes, comprising of many different sim applications, become intuitive to control at a device and APN level.

SIM Manager is a software service platform where you can manage your SIM estate online, set threshold limits for data and voice usage, on a device or APN level, and generate detailed reports on many vectors, including APN usage, excepted services, roaming, and cost-center breakdowns. It also has extended features such as Bulk SMS, Top-up contract management as well as Location-Based services.

You only pay for the number of sims you enroll and as the service is network and device-agnostic, it can be paired with a mobile device management platform for true, 360-degree management of your mobile device ecosystem.

SIM Manager provides clear and deep visibility of your SIM estate, coupled with intuitive interfaces and per-SIM costs so there are no billing surprises and you can scale your usage as your business grows.

SIMs are arcane, thanks to convoluted billing systems and a lack of visible control over them. Without proper control, you are vulnerable to being exposed to expenses which are not contributing towards your business growth, or your bottom line. In times like these, we need to make sure we are monitoring all expenses to support our business cost-saving initiatives.

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