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Code of Conduct

XLink Communications boasts the largest installed base of GPRS devices in the South African market.

At XLink we have adopted a policy of scalable and customisable solutions to meet the needs of the diverse and geographically widespread points of presence within South Africa. In addition we have deployed an infrastructure that provides:

• a cost-effective means of providing M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity
• a common platform for businesses that need to transfer data and gather information from a large and diverse branch or franchise networks.

In order to deliver the best possible service to our customers, the company obtained formal approval from all the major institutions for our product. We continuously look forward to introducing new products and services to the market. XLink is geared to harnessing the existing infrastructure to launch value added services for point of sale.

At XLink, we recognise our valued customers and appreciate their continued and loyal support. We strive to do everything within our power to ensure that they receive the best possible service at all times and that their complaints and queries are dealt with expeditiously and fairly.

This Code is a tool to facilitate our journey of continuous improvement in the quest of excellence in customer care.


We have developed this Code of Conduct to provide our customers with a clear guide regarding our commitment to customer care and how we respond to this.

This Code will also be used by our staff to guide, evaluate and improve our own performance in assisting you as our valued customer.

This Code will serve to assist and inform our customers about:
• XLink's commitment to our customers;
• Our customers' rights, obligations and remedies, and where to get more information;
• Help and advice regarding our services, tariffs, fees, billing and terms and conditions for the services;
• How to lodge a complaint regarding unsatisfactory services.

At XLink, we are committed to comply with the requirements of the Electronic Communications Act 36 of 2005, and the regulations and related legislation required with regard to the service we provide to our customers.

XLink will regularly review and amend this Code to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as when necessitated by commercial requirements from time to


• Act in a fair, reasonable and responsible manner in all dealings with our customers;
• Display the utmost courtesy and care when dealing with our customers;
• Not unfairly discriminate against or show undue preference to our customers or categories of customers on the basis of race, gender, sex, age, religion, belief, disability, ethnic background or sexual orientation, in the provision of our services;
• Provide accurate information regarding our services and tariff packages to all our customers and potential customers;
• Provide guidance upon request to our customers with regard to their customer needs;
• Ensure that all services and products meet the specifications in terms of our licence, the relevant laws and regulations;
• Expeditiously resolve any valid customer complaint by means of an efficient and effective complaints handling procedures (set out below), failing which we shall advise customers about remedies at ICASA;
• Respect the privacy of our customers and ensure that all our customer information obtained is used only for the purpose permitted or required, only reported or released to the customer and not disclosed to third parties without the consent of the customer, unless
directed in writing by the customer, directed by an order of Court, during the process of debt collection by accredited debt collection agencies, for the purpose of auditing of company accounts by the licensee's auditors or as required by law.

In order to comply with our Key Commitments, we will:

• Provide efficient and effective customer care services;
• Provide accurate information that is readily accessible and understandable to our customers, particularly by using plain language in service contracts;
• Make product information, the standard tariff charges and terms and conditions pertaining to our services freely available to the public by publishing it on the company website and by having it available for inspection at its offices during business hours;
• Provide our customers with a copy of the written Terms and Conditions of Service contracts immediately or as soon as reasonably possible after conclusion of a contract, except where a contract is entered into telephonically, where we undertake to provide a written copy to the customer within 7 working days after entering into a contract;
• Inform our customers about changes to Terms and Conditions within a fair and reasonable period;
• Inform our customers of their rights, remedies and obligations;
• Clearly communicate the charging, billing, collection and credit processes involved for particular services when requested by our customer to do so;
• Inform prospective customers at the outset, where relevant, about the details of credit referencing which must comply with the relevant legislation, including the National Credit Act No. 34 of 2005;
• Publish payment procedures on customer bills;
• Provide a copy of the Code in official languages to our customers upon request;
• Ensure that advertising material, including in particular, tariff information is not misleading and complies with the Code of Conduct published by the South African Advertising Standards Authority and other applicable Codes;
• Ensure that our staff is adequately trained and familiar with the contents of the Code;
• Display a copy of our "Key Commitments" and complaints handling procedures included in the Code, and make a copy of the Code available at our offices and on our website at;
• Make available a printed copy of the Code to our customers in English and in at least one other official language;
• Ensure that the Terms and Conditions of our service contracts include sufficient provisions to enable customers to understand the nature of the contract, the minimum duration of the contract, payment for early termination (if applicable), the notice period, as well as the method of notice of termination;
• Use our best endeavours to provide all our customers with services that comply with the prescribed quality of service measurement as may be applicable.


• Receive the required service without unfair discrimination;
• Exercise their freedom of choice;
• Receive information in their preferred available language;
• Access and question records and information held by us in terms of the licence or relevant law;
• Protection of their personal data, including the right not to have personal data sold to third parties without their prior permission;
• Lodge a complaint and redress, should a complaint not be resolved in a satisfactory manner.


What is a complaint?
A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction by a customer with the received standard of services. Where and how can I lodge my complaint? Depending on the type of complaint, it must be lodged by contacting XLink as follows:

Service Related Complaint :
Call us on our toll free number 08600 XLINK (95465).
Monday to Friday (including Public Holidays) 07:00 to 20:00.From 20:00 to 22:00 a Call Centre Agent/Technician is on stand-by to assist.On Saturday's and Sundays the Call Centre is open to assist from 08:00 to 18:00.

From 18:00 a Call Centre Agent/Technician is on stand-by to assist.

The call charge will be toll free if dialled from a landline number, otherwise calls will be charged at the specific service provider's relevant rates.

You may send us an email on or, if you do not have access to email, send a facsimile to us on 086 649 7289.

Account Related Compliant/Enquiry
Call us on our toll free number 08600 XLINK (95465). The call charge will be toll free if dialled from a landline number, otherwise calls will be charged at the specific service provider's relevant rates.
Alternatively you can contact us on +27 11 438 3000.
The Accounts Department is available to assist during business hours i.e. Monday to Friday 08:00 and 17:00.
You may send us an email to , or, if you do not have access to e-mail, send a facsimile to XLink's Account Department on 086 688 8989 

I've lodged a complaint, what happens next?

• We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint as soon as possible but no longer than 3 working days.
• We will provide a prompt response and reply as soon as our investigation and research is complete.
• Our Customer Care Agents will be guided by relevant internal policies, procedures and internal training material that is regularly reviewed, e.g. billing and credit procedures when investigating your complaint.

Billing complaints will be guided by the following general principles:

o Services will not be disconnected while the investigation of a disputed portion of a bill is still pending and until the customer has been notified of the results of the investigation and the final decision on the complaint;
o Customers are not required to pay the disputed portion of the bill in full pending the investigation of the complaint.
• In case of service interruption due to defective products, we will communicate to you what steps will be taken to correct the defect, and what alternative arrangements have been put in place during the period, to the extent possible.
• We will listen to your concerns and learn from all the complaints, because they help us to improve our services.
• Our aim is to resolve all complaints as soon as possible/immediately or no longer than within 14 working days of receipt thereof.

I'm not satisfied with the reply to my complaint... what can I do?

If you have made a specific and serious complaint, you can escalate your complaint by writing to the Executive Head of Operations within 14 days of receiving your reply, who will:
- Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 days;
- Undertake an investigation of your complaint;
- Decide whether your complaint is justified;
- Instruct the relevant division to take action to correct any errors and prevent the same mistake being repeated;
- Communicate our final decision to you within 14 days of receipt thereof.

You may contact the Executive Head of Operations by email at or, if you do not have access to email, by facsimile at 086 674 0748.

I still think XLink has got it wrong... what can I do?

Customers must first give XLink an opportunity to resolve their justified complaints before they approach ICASA.
A customer, who remains dissatisfied with the outcome of his /her complaint after having escalated such complaint to the Executive Head of Operations, may approach ICASA for the resolution of the complaint.
The procedure to follow is set out in Section 17C of the ICASA Act which stipulates that:
(1)(a) A person who has reason to believe that a licensee is guilty of any non-compliance with the terms and conditions of its licence or with this Act of the underlying statutes may lodge a complaint with the Authority within 60 days of becoming aware of the alleged non-compliance.
(2)The Authority may direct the complaint to the Complaints and Compliance Committee for consideration. The procedures to be followed in terms of a section 17(C) complaint can be found on ICASA's website at





Contact details

Support: +27 86 009 5465
Johannesburg (Head Office): +27 11 438 3000
KwaZulu-Natal: +27 31 564 3308
Western Cape: +27 21 671 5036
Eastern Cape: +27 82 785 5335