Thermal Imaging

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2019, the world, as we knew it, drastically changed. Social distancing, isolation, lockdown are terms we are all familiar with today. The world is slowly lifting its head and globally many nations are returning or readying themselves to return to work and the public domain.

The thread of COVID-19 is still a reality and returning to the office and public domain will only be allowed under strict conditions. The spread of the virus needs to be stopped. Safety of employees and/or customers is paramount and all measures to detect potential threats and manage them effectively need to be taken.

Is your business ready to comply to new regulations

Fever screening is now a required compliance step in the fight against COVID-19, and as such, the collaboration between XLink and technology expert, Fastcomm, has evolved further to introduce various Thermal Imaging and Fever Detection solutions, supported by Fastcomm’s IoT platform called Hellothing.

Consultation and Configuration

An XLink specialist will enquire into the fever screening requirement for your business

  • Thermal Imaging requirements
  • Site feasibility

Delivery and Installation

The XLink Logistics team to prepare your order for dispatch. The installation will be performed by XLink Field Technicians


First line 0support service will be performed by the XLink Support Teams, with escalation paths throught he partner.

Simplify the complexity of managing
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