SIM Manager

Providing your business with insight and control over your SIM estate

SIM cards are the unspoken partners in all our businesses. They create connections around ecosystems that previously were not possible. A salesperson on the road who has constant access to company processes, a sensor keeping an eye on remote company systems, a tracker on a company vehicle harvesting its performance data… if you look around any business, the connectivity sim cards have been game-changing and indispensable. But that connectivity comes at a price, exacerbated by a lack of oversight and control. Every sim represents a cost to your business and collectively that compounds into rather big margins. Simply relying on the monthly bills from mobile networks is not enough – far from it. You need real control over usage, costs, and other factors.

Managing your SIM Estate

XLink SIM Manager gives every business proper control over their sim estate. Be it for a small outlet or a large enterprise, our SIM Manager scales and orientates to fit all your sim-management demands. Our solution is a software service platform where you pay for the number of sims you enrol, set threshold limits for data and voice usage, on a specific device or APN level, you can also generate detailed reports on many vectors, including APN usage, excepted services, roaming and cost-centre breakdowns. The service is network and device agnostic. It can be paired with a mobile device management platform for true, 360-degree management of your mobile device ecosystem. But even on its own, SIM Manager provides clear and deep visibility of your SIM estate, coupled with intuitive interfaces and per-SIM costs. So, there are no billing surprises and you can scale your usage as your business grows. Through XLink SIM Manager, you will have the control, visibility and reporting that shows exactly how your business’ connected devices are behaving, where they are going, and how they are serving your vision. Without it, you are just throwing money at the dark and hoping you will stumble to better outcomes. With it, you are in complete control of one of your company’s most valuable partners.

Consultation and Configuration

An XLink specialist will enquire into the sim estate and usage management requirements of your business

  • Feature requirements
  • Sim requirements
  • Mobile network requirements
  • Configure your package and place your order

Delivery and Installation

The XLink Support Team will configure the service on the Claritech Sim Sentinel Platform. Your business will receive User Credentials for access to the platform once configuration is complete.


First line support of the service will be performed by the XLink Support Team with escalation to Claritech

Simplify the complexity of managing
your connected business