Managed Edge Router

Control your networks gateway

Connectivity has become a crucial element of every modern business. Correspondence, reports, financial transactions, online services, business continuity: maintaining a vibrant business often relies on your link to the outside world. But that link is susceptible to failure, abuse, and even criminal attacks. Your best ally to manage your online activity is your internet router. Yet the equipment and service you receive from an Internet Service Provider will often not meet your requirements as they are few, and often limited to simply being online. You could find yourself offline for days as an ISP tries to resolve a router problem.

Using the right technology to manage your network

There is also a lot more your company can gain from a well-managed router: firewall security, web filtering, secure payments including PCI compliance, network segregation, and site-to-site links are a few examples. These features have traditionally been the domain of large enterprises that can afford such specialized services. XLink used its combined experience in device deployment, management and support to create a scalable, router management solution fit for any business size. While your internet link is still managed by your ISP, XLink’s Managed CE Router solution gives you control over your router and the gateway to your business online abilities. With our solution your business can use online services such as file backups, connect multiple branches to a private network, control what employees can access online, keep an eye on data consumption, keep bad actors away through security services, enjoy 24/7 support and connectivity failover features to stay online. XLink will take care of the provision, installation, configuration, updates, maintenance, and support. Get enterprise-grade performance from your internet router, without the management headache or price shock. Your business stays online and gets the most from the connected era, thanks to XLink’s Managed CE Router solution.

Consultation and Configuration

An XLink specialist will enquire into the connectivity requirements of your business

  • Sim requirements
  • Network requirements
  • Technology requirements
  • Configure your package and place your order

Delivery and Installation

The XLink Logistics team will pick and prepare the order for dispatch. Order is dispatched to your business when ready.


First line support of the service is performed by the XLink Support Team. Monitoring is provided to your business via Smartlink.

Simplify the complexity of managing
your connected business