GSM Data Connectivity

Why connect your business?

We have all heard phrases such as ‘internet of things’ or ‘machine to machine.’ Though the terms sound futuristic, they manifest around us all the time. Even everyday services we take for granted, such as working ATMs and vehicle tracking, are part of this world. They are defined by being connected to a wider network of systems, opening doors to new types of transactions, operational efficiencies, or business intelligence. In this connected world, things happen smarter, faster, and better. Every business relies on several devices and machines to support services, process transactions, and monitor activities. This relationship is amplified in today’s high-tech world where connectivity enables faster, smarter, and more reliable interactions with those devices. Card machines, remote access control, vehicle tracking, equipment monitoring – if you can derive data from a device, you have reason to connect it. This means that an inability to connect devices, or if their connection fails, has real implications for your business.

Connecting your devices is simple and affordable

Reliable and secure connectivity is not your business focus. Yet you need to be certain that you can have your devices connected and delivering, with redundancy if a network fails. XLink has noted this gap in the market and response developed our GSM Data Connectivity solution. We have leveraged our vast and deep experience in the payment device market to deliver a GSM Data Connectivity solution like no other. From bringing older devices online to gaining real cost and operations control over your connected machines and services, if it involves GSM connectivity with sim cards XLink can help. You gain insightful visibility and location management, all through intuitive portals. If something goes wrong, XLink’s 24/7/365 call centre and a nationwide network of technicians can address the problems quickly and effectively. Above all, by supporting multiple networks there is failover if a connection drops, and the solution can be PCI compliant to meet financial transaction standards. Not sure yet? Start with XLink’s lite package. It offers multi-sim, multi-network redundancy, datacentre failover protection and full support for any device at an entry-level price.

Consultation and Configuration

An XLink specialist will enquire into the GSM data connectivity requirement of your business

  • Sim requirements
  • Network requirements
  • Data bundle requirements
  • Configure your package and place your order

Delivery and Installation

The XLink Logistics team will deliver the order to your business.


First line support of the service is performed by the XLink Support Team. Monitoring is provided to the client via Smartlink and usage is provided via sim manager.

Simplify the complexity of managing
your connected business