Food Guru

How we can help you get back to business.

The restaurant industry has been especially hard hit due to Covid19, and more and more restaurants are realizing the need to become more digitally driven with many introducing a form of online ordering and delivery to stay afloat. The Food Guru application provides the food services industry with a more cost-effective way of doing business digitally whilst also ensuring a compliance track for government regulations.

The FoodGuru platform is here to help you survive and thrive!

FoodGuru puts innovative technology, at no additional charge, in your hands. Now you have the power to take control of the delivery process in terms of quality and cost. You decide how much you can afford to pay and arrange delivery through your means. If you are unable to provide delivery, you still have the option to pay third parties to assist.

Our Click and Collect Solution

The inclusion of a “Click and Collect” alternative for restaurants under Level 3, provides restaurants with a saving on delivery charges. We are firm believers that communities should be supporting their local restaurants through self-pickup.

Consultation and Configuration

An XLink specialist will enquire into the requirements of your business.

  • Online Ordering
  • Customer Conversations
  • Employment Engagements
  • Market Place
  • Connected Kitchen

Delivery and Installation

Configuration, Installation and Activation will take place on site. All tasks will be carried out by XLink.


First line support of the service is performed by XLink, second line escalations to the Food Guru team (fastcomm) and field support to be performed by XLink

Simplify the complexity of managing
your connected business