How The Self-service Trend Is Transforming Retail


Self-service retail has been around for generations. It began with coin vending machines and now sees consumers becoming used to digital screens in shops, personalised online experiences, and paying with their phones. Self-service technology has created a wealth of opportunities for retailers to serve customers. The COVID-19 pandemic brought turmoil to the retail industry with consumers having to find new ways to shop, leading to the increased popularity of already existing retail trends and sharp growth in the e-commerce sector as retailers introduce innovative ways to meet the changing consumer demands. 

The possibilities for self-service kiosks continue to expand in today’s era of social distancing and pandemic-driven demand for contactless options as businesses accelerate their digital transformations. It is easy to understand why unattended retail has become so popular in commerce and with customers as it provides improved efficiencies, cost savings, speed, and convenience. 

Here, we’re highlighting three important reasons why kiosks are transforming the shopping experience and how retailers can benefit. 

Kiosks work well in a world that’s seeing the switch to contactless payments accelerate. The pandemic has added a further reason to develop innovative approaches to transform the consumer in-store experience. It’s a transformation that’s enabling retailers to introduce new ways for shoppers to engage with their offer, and it’s also a move that allows them to reassign employees to more value-adding roles. That’s why the deployment of self-service kiosks that include unattended, touchless payment technology has become a key priority. 

Today’s self-service kiosks, which integrate a suite of complementary technologies into an intuitive, immersive shopping experience, enable retailers to provide a wider range of goods and services — quickly, hygienically, and conveniently. They also create upselling opportunities as customers use the technology to explore and purchase other offers. 

Kiosks deliver benefits for consumers and retailers alike. Kiosks improve and expand the shopping experience, they’re quick and easy to use, and they deliver significant benefits both for consumers and for retailers. They also enhance a retailer’s ability to manage their business in an agile way — while simultaneously meeting increasingly sophisticated customer expectations. 

Proven technology, expertise, and experience is available for all retailers to integrate kiosks into their offer. It’s an experience that not only exceeds customer expectations, but also one that can boost sales and be fully integrated into a retailer’s key operating, financial, and inventory control processes. Used imaginatively and in ways that reflect a retailer’s deep understanding of their customers, the ecosystem of self-service kiosk technology can empower store operators to secure and nurture better relationships with consumers.  

The hardware, applications, and infrastructure now exist to make it happen — and more retailers are already proving its success. As customers demand more effective and efficient customer service experiences, self-service is being increasingly viewed as a viable alternative, and customers are embracing it. 

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