Getting back to business with Thermal Fever Screening

Over the past 2 months, South Africa has experienced what feels like a tidal wave, crashing down on our economy, affecting our daily lives with little warning or time to prepare. We have had to rapidly adjust to what was previously termed, life-abnormal, to our new normal.

In-store buying now has to accommodate hyper-hygiene measures to comfort and safeguard both consumers and employees, and additionally the need to look at technology platforms to create a hybrid approach for businesses to safely trade during the COVID-19 pandemic we currently face. We need to prepare adequately for each of the lockdown stages, as moving back up as far as level five remains possible.

Fever screening is now a required compliance step in the fight against COVID-19, and as such, the collaboration between XLink and technology expert, Fastcomm, has evolved further to introduce various Thermal Imaging and Fever Detection solutions, supported by Fastcomm’s IoT platform called Hellothing.

Hellothing’s contactless, connected infrared thermal screening solution detects in real-time the temperature of each visitor as he or she passes through an entrance. All measured values are sent to a connected cloud platform and alert notifications are forwarded to store managers. The platform keeps an accurate history log of all temperature scans, has dashboard views and can serve as proof of compliance.

This solution is scalable and suits the requirements and budget for businesses of any size. It offers improved safety, is non-invasive and provides real-time fever detection with immediate notifications to help mitigate the potential outbreak of COVID-19 within a public space and enable businesses to protect their employees and customers. With retail slowly starting to come back, it is inevitable that crowding may be tricky to manage. It is therefore essential to maintain safe social distances and avoid crowding or bottlenecks at entrances and exits.

XLink has been a pioneer in the retail space for 16 years, which is underpinned by the card transactions we enable with our secure connectivity network and managed solutions.  With our retail enhancements coming to the forefront, we are now truly able to support business recovery, and make a difference in the speed at which they can get back to business.

Protect your environment today in the most cost-effective way. Get in touch with us by clicking here to get more details on how we can tailor this solution to your specific business needs.

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