Connected Mall

Connected Mall

Strip malls, neighbourhood and convenience centres offer a unique shopping experience. They are more inviting than the imposing structures of larger malls, with breezy parking areas faced by open and inviting storefronts. They also benefit from the combined power of businesses that operate on the same premises. Already convenient and welcoming, strip malls can gain a lot from smart technologies. A mobile payment app service can make cashless payments seamless across the mall – from store purchases to paying for parking and car guards – by snapping a QR code. Digital signage, proximity marketing and interactive window displays can entice visitors with offers and loyalty rewards, while click-and-collect services turn the strip mall into a community collection hub for online purchases. Ensure your customers arrive in ease through a smart parking system and monitor metrics such as footfall and congregation hotspots to fine-tune the location’s strategy. A smart mall is a connected mall, utilising broadband internet and offering wifi services to customers and proprietors alike. This also enables the monitoring of assets and operations, including generators, utilities and IT equipment. Manage staff, security, cash, surveillance, access control and more. These perks are often extended to the various stores as well, such as secure payment services and connected inventory management. When a strip mall becomes smart, it’s more than just a place to shop. It’s a connected ecosystem unlocking your retail growth with increased ticket size and footfall, improved efficiency and uplifting customer engagement and loyalty.

Optimizing Supply Chain

Do you need rapid delivery and cost efficiency to provide seamless customer service?

Security and Surveillance

Do you need to improve and control of your assets?

Driving Operational Excellence

Do you want more engagement and increased sales?

Secure Connectivity

Do you want to improve profitability and efficiency?

Augmenting Customer Experience

Is your goal to increase buyer frequency, spend & conversion?

Read how digital technologies underpinned by secure connectivity, are accelerating business success, shaping retail transformation and enhancing customer experience.

Create unparalleled customer experience with technological innovation in retail. Consumer automation tools will change the way your customer’s shop, pay and interact with your mall. Design and differentiate your retail operations with XLink’s suite of digital service solutions, customer engagement and innovative products.

1. Smart Mall App, Loyalty and Rewards
Create a true omnichannel experience in-store and online with a personalized Smart Mall app for shopping, instant payment, promotions, rewards vouchers, and cashback coupled with convenient Click and Collect. Seamlessly deliver a cohesive user experience with your brand.

2. Digital Signage
Attract customers to the Smart Mall with digital and adaptive signage and advertising. Conveniently push flexible and visible content to the Smart Mall sign.

3. Cashless Parking
No parking tickets, coins and ticket machines. Instant parking payment with number recognition technology.

4. Smart Parking
Manage parking supply by indicating the number of available spaces available. Smart parking systems include low-cost sensors, real-time data collection to place vehicles in available positions and mobile-phone-enabled automated payment systems.

5. WiFi Connect
XLink’s smart in-store WiFi gives you analytics, engagement, and dashboards with measurable bottom-line returns with our WiFi engagement platform. This attracts customers to your business, gives your business insights, lets you engage with customers real-time and helps convert visitors to customers.

6. Proximity Marketing
Communicate with customers in the right place and at the right time on your Smart Mall app with highly relevant personalised promotions. Proximity marketing and customer profiling establish another communication channel with your target audience to keep them engaged.

7. Car Guard Digital Payment
Tip a car guard and continue to support these entrepreneurs using a QR code when a customer doesn’t have cash. Simply transact with the Smart Mall app or a mobile electronic payment app linked to the vendor’s personal account.

8. Interactive Window Display
Your visuals and branding are the elements that get customers in-store. Window dressing fuels this attraction. Interactive and targeted content entices the right customers and potential customers in to store.

9. Smart Basket
Customers entering the convenience store have the option of using a smart shopping basket, equipped with RFID readers for personalised marketing and instant payment checkouts.

10. Click and Collect
Smart Malls will become pivots for customers to quickly and conveniently receive personal delivery of goods ordered online. With this new logistics solution, customers can collect their online packages or their pre-ordered goods from the Smart Mall app at the collection point of your trusted retail center.

11. Data Visualization
A graphical representation of data using heat maps where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colours such as footfall in-store or around the Smart Mall, delivering interesting insight into user behaviour and enriching the shopping experience through improved retail store design and layout.

We offer you a complete range of information and communications technology services and solutions for payments in retail. You can enjoy secure and managed business connectivity solutions throughout the mall.

12. Business Connect
Connecting your business securely to the internet and the rest of your supply chain.

13. ATM Connectivity
XLink offers a communication solution that links ATMs to their host systems.
In addition to secure, wireless and real-time connectivity, this provides reduced communication costs, increased transaction speeds, and quick and easy deployment.

14. Payment Connectivity
XLink leads the market in providing efficient, cost-effective, tailored, secure and managed payment solutions to help you grow as a business. Customers can conveniently pay via their smart device or traditional debit and credit cards with Tap & Go.

15. Business Internet Fibre
Super-fast Internet access with speeds up to 100Mbps and multiple options to suit your business and bandwidth needs.

At XLink, we connect your business to the outside world, safely and securely. We provide you with the necessary tools to monitor your business wherever you may be. We create the possibility for you to manage your business efficiently with a fully managed service offering and customer care 24/7/365.

16. Digital Car Wash
Manage productivity, monitor the volume of cars and accept payment instantly and securely using card or contactless technologies.

17. Car Count
Vehicle counting solution monitors traffic in and out of your car wash giving you full visibility to your business. Precisely reconcile sales and activity.

18. Water & Energy Efficiency
Control utility costs and enhance operations with smart sensors to monitor water consumption by counting the pulse measured. Reduce costs due to negligence by identifying wasteful zones and optimise these by acting on the information.

19. Generator & Diesel Monitoring
XLink is at the forefront of the ever-growing IoT and offers comprehensive and real-time monitoring of generator usage and diesel intake to guarantee business continuity in the event of power outages.

20. Utility Monitoring
Get a handle on power and water consumption, unlock visibility and gain insight into business environments and asset operating conditions. Reduce costs due to negligence by identifying wasteful zones and optimise these by acting on the information.

21. Fire Protection Technology
Be alert of any potential fire threats with mobile notifications, smoke detectors give early warning in the event of a fire hazard, protecting your customers, employees and your business.

22. Footfall Count
Optimize your operations with people counting for retail chains and shopping malls. Accelerate business growth and revenue by understanding your customer activity and highest footfall areas.

23. Eco-Lighting
Intelligent lighting control is a key component in reducing energy consumption and operating costs for commercial and retail buildings.

24. Energy Efficiency
Solar power and energy-efficient solutions reduce the use of electricity, saves you money and support sustainable business.

25. IT Equipment Monitoring
Ensure your IT equipment is performing optimally by monitoring crucial environmental conditions by using IoT enabled sensors to connect your assets and give you complete visibility on the state of your server hardware.

26. Employee Management & Access Control
Employee access control with gamification to promote and encourage a good work ethic and incentivised day to day operations. Motivate employees to focus on providing great customer experience with output and reward-based management. Promote a productive employee base with incentives and encouragement.

Intelligent surveillance is not only a means of risk management but offers long-term benefits for your business like theft prevention, reduced insurance rates, customer analytics to give insight into consumer behaviour and full visibility to your mall with online access anytime – remotely or onsite. XLink digitally and physically secures your environment and your customers with advanced video surveillance and analytics solutions.

27. Security Patrol Monitoring
Security guard monitoring systems removes the risk of human error when monitoring your premises. Ensure that patrols are being conducted in designated areas and routinely with real-time tracking software.

28. Advanced Video Surveillance
By intelligently analysing surveillance data in real-time, video surveillance has evolved into more than just a reactive solution. Motion detection, heat mapping, and asset perimeterisation come into the fold.

29. Security Surveillance
Retailers have become more vulnerable due to longer operating hours and increased turnover. Theft-prevention solution using intelligent camera software to detect irregular behaviour.

30. Cash Management
Reduce the cost of in-store dropbox cash management with XLink Cash Management. We offer a communication solution for the automation of in-store cash-management processing, minimising the risk of theft, shortage, and losses and providing enhanced safety for employees and customers.

Streamline your supply chain activities to boost value for your business by reducing the number of lost opportunities due to supply chain-related issues like a stock shortage, poor inventory management, and supplier coordination by knowing when, how much and how long goods and services will take to reach you. XLink’s smart supply chain offering uses data and analytics to anticipate demand, spot trends and gives reliable forecasts for inventory management.

31. Connected Inventory Management
Automatically track, identify and manage the assets in your ecosystem, whether they are mobile or static. Supported by RFID technology, manage assets without having to dedicate excessive time and resources.

32. Automated Stock Replenishment
When products are out-of-stock, retailers suffer from customers buying elsewhere. Stock management solutions that seamlessly integrate to suppliers’ systems for instant stock replenishment and link to POS systems for simplified operational experience. Prevent stock shortages with a solution that offers business process optimization, inventory management, demand forecasting, and automatic replenishment when minimum stock levels are reached.

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