Connected Forecourt Convenience

Connected Forecourt Convenience

Advancements in card payment technology have enabled the forecourt retail sector to offer customers an attractive place to shop – convenience by way of proximity, speed and efficiency – resulting in the advent of the fuel forecourt as the new convenience stores. The future of forecourt retail will be all about connected digitisation for a growing digital customer base. This brings new ways of engaging customers, using technology to attract drivers to stop at the forecourt when they’re just driving past, using Wi-Fi to advertise specials to customers filling up at petrol stations and placing orders with other retailers for pick-up at the forecourt. All of these new means of operations will rely on secure connectivity and payment solutions to make sure that customers receive an “on-the-go” experience. XLink is the one partner to orchestrate this vision of true connected convenience.

Optimizing Supply Chain

Do you need rapid delivery and cost efficiency to provide seamless customer service?

Security and Surveillance

Do you need to improve and control of your assets?

Experiencing Intelligent Forecourt

Do you want more engagement and increased sales?

Driving Operational Excellence

Do you want to improve profitability and efficiency?

Augmenting Customer Experience

Is your goal to increase buyer frequency, spend & conversion?

Read how digital technologies underpinned by secure connectivity, are accelerating business success, shaping retail transformation and enhancing customer experience

Enabling Business Success

Immersive and personal customer experiences are at the heart of a thriving business. XLink gives you the blueprint and tools necessary to accelerate your digital transformation in delivering a great customer experience.

1. Digital Signage
Attract potential customers to the forecourt through digital and adaptive signage and advertising. Conveniently push flexible and visible content to the forecourt sign.

2. Proximity Marketing
Proximity marketing, customer profiling, and digital signage establish another communication channel with your target audience and subscribed customers to keep them engaged.

3. Smart Basket
Customers entering the convenience store have the option of using a smart shopping basket, equipped with RFID readers for personalised marketing and instant payment checkouts.

4. Interactive Displays
Your visuals and branding are the elements that get customers in-store. Interactive and targeted content persuades the right customers into store.

5. Service Buttons
Customers who require assistance can request the help of a staff member through service buttons scattered throughout the convenience store.

6. Cashless Payout
Customers who are dashing in and out of the forecourt can quickly and easily pay via their smartphone, smart watch or traditional debit and credit cards via Tap & Go.

7. Click and Collect
Connected forecourts will become central hubs for customers to quickly and easily receive personal delivery of goods ordered online. Before leaving the forecourt, customers can collect their online packages or their pre-ordered goods from the convenience store

8. Drone Delivery
Drone delivery of goods purchased online directly to your vehicle at your local forecourt.

Process Optimisation

At XLink, we connect your business to the outside world, safely and securely. We provide you with the necessary tools to monitor your business wherever you may be. We create the possibility for you to manage your business efficiently and effectively.

9. Secure Connectivity
Connecting your business to the internet, and to the rest of your chain, securely.

10. Staff Management
Output and reward-based management enhances the workplace for both staff and customers. Promote a productive employee base with incentives and encouragement.

11. Utilities Monitoring 
Get a handle on power and water consumption, unlock visibility and gain insight into business environments and asset operating conditions. Reduce costs due to negligence by identifying wasteful zones and optimise these by acting on the information.

12. Connected Assets – Digital Services
Ensure complete visibility on the status of your coolers/fridges, cold storage units. Reduce costs due to negligence in operation and develop predictive maintenance capability on all your connected devices.

13. Secure ATM Solutions
ATM solutions to meet the needs of both your business and your providers and enablers.

14. Cash Management – Safes
Communication solutions for the automation of in-store cash-management processing.

15. Integrated Fuel Pumps
Fuel monitoring and management solutions which seamlessly integrate and link to POS systems.

Meaningful Insight

Creating a digital business includes incorporating technology which will allow you to make good business decisions quickly and easily. Through our ecosystem, we provide the enablers necessary to facilitate valuable insight directly to decision makers.

16. Connected Shelves
Bridging the gap between product purchase and replenishment of stock, and the seamless transition between the two processes. Optimising retail efficiency through the utilisation of sensors, data input and analysis, connected shelving gives visibility to the “last mile”

17. Customer Loyalty 
Drive promotions and reward customers for shopping through vouchers and discounts on goods and services and cashback.

18. Digital Marketing 
Entice customers and promote specials through digital signage in and around the forecourt environment.

19. Digital Advertising
In store digital signage to promote specials and to push targeted advertising to customers.

20. Customer Profilling
Number plate recognition technology enables your business to build digital profiles of customers with non-invasive information. Enabling loyalty programs and peace of mind security enhancements.

21. Forecourt Analytics
Connect, collect, collate and consolidate information from a digital forecourt to make powerful business decisions a based on a plethora of insights.

Risk Management

Risk is inherent in any business, mitigating and managing risk in your business environment should not be a core or primary focus. XLink digitally and physically secures your ecosystem so that you don’t have to.

22. Enhanced Video Surveillance
By intelligently analysing surveillance data in real time, video surveillance has evolved into more than just a reactive solution. Motion detection, heat mapping and asset perimeterisation come into the fold.

23. Access Control 
Staff access control with gamification overlays to promote good work ethic and incentivised day to day operation. Driving staff focus towards providing great customer experiences.

24. Asset Management
Track and manage the assets in your ecosystem, whether they are mobile or static. Keep sight of what’s important to you without having to dedicate excessive time and resources.

25. Business Visibility
Dashboard monitoring with single pane views to simplify and enhance insight into your day to day operations, allowing you to be more proactive instead of reactive. Protect your estate and receive immediate alerts when things go wrong.

Optimizing Competitive Advantage

Optimise and streamline your supply chain and reduce the number of lost opportunities due to supply chain related issues by knowing when, how much and how long goods and services will take to reach you.

26. Integrated Supply Chain
Full visibility across all components of your supply chain, digitally enhanced.

27. Connected Inventory Management 
Leveraging the precision and autonomy of robotic tools, inventory management becomes less resource intensive and can be integrated into forward based workflows for business efficiencies.

28. Integrated Point of Sale
Point of Sale (POS) solutions catered for any forecourt business requirements. Including card present and card not present solutions with secure payment connectivity. Zapper, SnapScan, Samsung Pay, etc…

Ready to Reimagine Retail

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