Clothing Retail

Clothing Retail

Walk into your favourite clothing retailer, try on six outfits – without putting down your bags or removing a stitch. Instead, use augmented reality fitting booths that digitally superimpose clothing onto customers or view smart mirrors that recommend and demonstrate the latest style book. Quick yet personalised tailoring services become available through digital measurements and alterations. This is the future of clothing retail, today. The attention of passersby is captured by digital storefronts that dynamically adapt marketing. Inside, the combined technologies of software-defined networks, wifi, store apps and click-and-collect services open a whole new world to customers. From creative scent marketing to animated mannequins, this is a vibrant reality that draws patrons in. The same technologies improve operations, employee morale and efficiencies. Use heat mapping to see how customers and employees move through the store and define special motion-detection zones to alert employees of any opportunities with a customer. Wifi connects all your operations, feeding into analytics about every activity. Boost employee participation with rewards-based management and simplify inventory management using intelligent radio-frequency identification solutions to easily locate and tally products. Shopping for clothing will never be the same again.


Retail Analytics & Customer Experience Eco System

Is your goal to increase buyer frequency, spend & conversion?

Operational Insight & Compliance

Do you want to improve profitability and efficiency?

Security & Surveillance

Do you want more engagement and increased sales?

Stock Management & Supply Chain Optimization

Do you need to improve and control of your assets?

Retail Analytics & Customer Experience Eco System

Putting the customer at the centre of the retail experience is the key to creating a lasting relationship. Creating an exclusive, immersive experience ensures repeat business while extracting valuable information to help drive sales and make informed business decisions.

1. Shopping, Loyalty, Rewards & Service App
A central platform where all customer interaction through all channels is consolidated providing the retailer with valuable insight into customer behavioural data. The App also serves as an instore tool to request assistance and share reviews in a user-based community about the store and their experience.

2. Digital Store Front & Targeted Proximity Marketing
Use targeted proximity marketing to push notifications to customers within range of the store. Digital signage engages subscribed customers within proximity of the store.

3. Augmented Reality Fitting Area
An engagement point which allows customers to seamlessly superimpose garments on themselves without having to visit the changeroom or stand in a queue.  Customers can mix and match items, change colours of garments and upload their personal stylebook to community platforms. E-rooms offer customers the opportunity to view variants of items in different colours and/or sizes. Customers can call for assistance and stores can upsell on items based on customer’s history or trending items.

4. In Motion Display – Holograms
Futuristic projection technology utilised as an engagement point for customers.

5. In Motion Displays – Cyberquins
In motion marketing giving life to static mannequins of the past.

6. Smart Mirrors
An engagement point in change rooms offering customers the opportunity to view variants of items in different colours and/or sizes. Based on customer history and fashion trends, additional items are recommended as an upsell to items detected by the mirror. Enables customers to call for assistance from the mirror for a personalized experience.

7. Heat Mapping
Utilise heatmapping to strategically place items you need to sell in high footfall zones.

8. Self Service Checkout
A speedy checkout point allowing customers to pay for items without the assistance of an instore cashier.

9. Click & Collect
A fast and efficient way for customers to collect online orders without the hassle of standing in queues.

10. Digital Measurement & Alterations
Customers can utilise a specially designed suit and smart mirror combination to have their measurements digitally taken, personalizing in-store alteration services.

11. Scent Marketing
The human sense of smell is a powerful sensory tool that has been proven to directly influence our mood and emotions. When used in the right way, it can create both positive and memorable experiences that your customers will come to  associate with your brand.

Operational Insight & Compliance

At XLink, we connect your business to the outside world, safely and securely. We provide you with the necessary tools to monitor your business wherever you may be. We create the possibility for you to manage your business efficiently and effectively.

12. Secure Connectivity
Connecting your business to the internet, and to the rest of your chain, securely.

13. WiFi
Create an instore hotspot for customers to utilise data intensive services.

14. SD-WAN
Simplify the management and operation of WAN and application connectivity across multiple stores.

15. Payment Connectivity
Utilise our state-of-the-art secure payment network with a 99.5% uptime, we keep you transacting, striving for always on connectivity for mission-critical data.

16. Server Environment Monitoring
Ensure your IT equipment is performing optimally by monitoring crucial environmental conditions.

17. Cash Management
Communication solutions for the automation of in-store cash-management processing.

18. Staff Management
Output and reward-based management enhances the workplace for both staff and customers. Promote a productive employee base with incentives and encouragement.

19. Environment Monitoring – Smoke & AC
Monitor environmental conditions to detect hazards before they become major problems.

20. Compliance – Store Open/close times
Ensure compliance with mall operations through automated operating hours reporting.

Security & Surveillance

Risk is inherent in any business, mitigating and managing risk in your business environment should not be a core or primary focus. XLink digitally and physically secures your ecosystem so that you don’t have to.

21. Video Surveillance
By intelligently analysing surveillance data in real time, video surveillance has evolved into more than just a reactive solution. Motion detection, heat mapping and asset perimeterisation come into the fold.

22. Motion detection – restricted zones
Controlled zone access and alert generation for unauthorised access.

Stock Management & Supply Chain Optimization

Optimise and streamline your supply chain and reduce the number of lost opportunities due to supply chain related issues by knowing exactly what items are on hand and how to efficiently locate them.

23. Inventory management – RFID & Stock Take Robot
Bridging the gap between product purchase and replenishment of stock, and the seamless transition between the two processes. Optimising retail efficiency through the utilisation of sensors, data input and analysis, our inventory management solution makes quick work of tedious stock take procedures leaving staff to focus on selling.

24. Smart Shelves – Easily locate items in Store Room
Easily locate items in store rooms with smart shelving solutions to make customer service fast and efficient.

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