Celebrating Women’s Month 2021

XLink’s take on Diversity & Equality

Diversity and Equality in the workplace is a topic which is showing significant growth in South Africa, as it brings with it the common understanding that it is the people within an Organisation who add value to its success. Increasingly, businesses are seeing that encouraging diversity and equality in the workplace brings tangible benefits along with it, both for the business and its employee’s.

That being said, it doesn’t just extend to hiring diverse individuals, but also making sure that the participation of those individuals is equal, not just symbolic hiring in order to ‘tick a box’.

Recognizing Women’s Month

Now in its 17th year, XLink continues to drive a culture of diversity and equality following the natural path it has progressed along since inception. “We proudly celebrate 54% female employment at XLink, a first across the many businesses we work with” Says Duard Froneman, Head of Human Resources at XLink.

As we enter Women’s Month, our attention is drawn to the inspirational leaders, and the potential leaders we see in the women of today.

“With Women’s Day approaching on 9 August, we understand it is an important time for us to focus on equality as a society”, adds Froneman. Gender equality within the XLink business is made evident by the percentage of female employees who are not only in the employ of XLink but hold significant titles and are involved in spearheading the organisations vision and strategy into the future.

“The business also places a large focus on learning and development”, says Froneman. XLink’s internal bursary spend currently focuses on 60% female employees, further substantiating the intention of growing the impact on the women within the business to support digital-era leadership capabilities in a way which strongly represents equality.

Plans for the future and taking a deeper look at the faces behind the tech

For the balance of Women’s month and to commemorate the women in leadership at XLink, the business will be exposing the stories of some of the faces behind the tech, providing a view of how business success is driven with diversity and equality being major contributing factors.

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