Building Customer Experience Through Secure Connectivity

A customer walks into a store and finds some of the store processes frustrating, such as faulty payment systems or long checkout queues. A negative experience at a single point of her shopping journey is an inconvenience that will influence the overall experience with the store. So, she quickly abandons her basket, and probably won’t return to the store in the future.

In today’s connected society, customers’ expectations have changed. To meet these changing demands and expectations retailers are looking for ways to quickly adapt.

So how can they do it? By using secure connectivity to improve customer experiences and exceed their expectations.

Surprisingly, there’s not much of a clear understanding on how secure connectivity plays a crucial role in a good customer experience. It’s not only an important differentiator, but also a driver for growth.

Secure connectivity instils trust in the retailer by its customers, it helps build new, personalised relationships while strengthening existing ones through the collection of better record keeping on customer trends, customised loyalty programmes and supply chain integration.

A customer’s experience is largely built off their interaction with a business and better relationships with customers are essential as consumer experiences are starting to overshadow products in terms of value. Really, shopping is a journey, so making it as pleasant, secure and convenient of an experience for the customer as possible is the easiest way to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Using innovative approaches to improve a customer’s experience can lead to an increase in satisfaction, retention and revenue. Not convinced? Well, proof is in the pudding.  33% of customers cite digital influence as the driver of increased spend.

Remember, if you are not providing your customers with the service they so demand, your competitor definitely will.

Think of an in-store digital solution as the gift that keeps on giving, allowing you to remotely manage content, so you can say goodbye to employing large teams and the costs that come with them. Just like that, you are further reducing overheads, a drain to any business.

So, where can retailers shop for a solution provided by a trusted partner? Look no further as XLink is a leading provider of connectivity solutions tailored made for the retail sector.

Delivering expertise to drive customer experience through digital transformation journeys, XLink provides retailers with that always-on connectivity they need to process payments, hassle-free! And, in a world where data is the new currency, XLink securely transfers data between connected devices across a retailer’s network.

Thanks to secure connectivity, retailers have the opportunity to proactively ensure a seamless experience, as cashless payment methods are not only trusted but reliable, stopping customers from walking out the door and ensuring they’re eager to return.

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