About Us 2020

Our Story

XLink was established in 2004 to become a leading provider in providing agility, resilience and best practice in connectivity for the retail and payment sectors. When XLink first opened its doors, the connected world was just starting. By leveraging the skills we honed in the payment and retail sectors, we have become the perfect partner to help consult, develop and orchestrate products and solutions in the connectivity space.


Why trust us

Valuable Consulting

XLink provides a comprehensive consultation service and the expertise to understand and identify the connectivity requirements and risks in your business. Our technical experts will design, tailor, develop, scale and implement connectivity solutions to meet your unique business requirements.

Technical Strengths

XLink’s technical skills, capabilities and infrastructure provide a complete range of information and communications technology services and solutions for the Retail and Payment sectors.

Support Services

XLink provides comprehensive support services to all our customers. Our telephonic helpdesk is available 24/7/365  on 08600 XLINK (95465) or you can email us on support@xlink.co.za.

Secure Solutions

Our trusted advisory, technical specialists, approved connectivity solutions, Qualified Integrator and Reseller (QIR) certified installation experts and international Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) consultants uniquely provide you with an end-to-end solution to managing the risks and PCI compliance requirements your business needs.

Business Analytics

We partner with innovative technology providers in the retail environment to enable retailers to take advantage of the evolution of IoT to enhance the in-store customer experience through the deployment of new connectivity solutions, payment devices, smart sensors, analytic platforms, etc.

Outsourced Capabilities

We provide trusted and proven Managed Outsourced Services for the technology and retail sectors to simplify, enhance and manage your business environment, providing you with increased capacity and automation for your business along with the long-term cost-effectiveness and security you require.

Our Mission is to enable companies to turn their digital ambitions into reality,
and in so doing, empower business growth.

Who we are

XLink began its journey in 2004 by providing companies with reliable secure connectivity required to process payments, whilst playing an important role in enabling Africa to transact. By leveraging our extensive managed services capability in the retail and financial services sectors, XLink enables these businesses to solve complex challenges, simply.

At the time of the GPRS-based EFT data communication solutions being introduced by XLink in South Africa, major retailers and national banks quickly came to rely on their award-winning point-of-sale, cash and payment connectivity solutions.

Sixteen years later, XLink is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vodacom, and a leading secure communications company, facilitating over 1 billion transactions a year while maintaining an average up-time over 98%.

What we offer

XLink has since extended its offering to provide a fully managed service including contact centre, field support and logistics services, wherever secure connectivity is required.

This substantial legacy provides XLink with capability in payment connectivity, secure connectivity, digital services & professional services.

This means we have the required expertise needed to partner businesses on their digital transformation journey, helping them achieve their evolving digital aspirations in an increasingly connected world.

Accreditation and Compliance

ICASA Compliance

  • The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is the regulator for the South African communications, broadcasting and postal services sector. ICASA was established by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act of 2000, as Amended.
  • ICASA’s mandate is spelled out in the Electronic Communications Act for the licensing and regulation of electronic communications and broadcasting services and by the Postal Services Act for the regulation of the postal sector.
  • Enabling legislation also empowers ICASA to monitor licensee compliance with licence terms & conditions, to develop regulations in the three sectors, to plan and manage the radio frequency spectrum and to protect consumers of these services and products .

Simplify the complexity of managing
your connected business